Benefits of Spirulina - What are the top spirulina benefits for your health?

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Spirulina or otherwise known as blue-green algae blue-green is popular for its many health benefits. If you’re looking where to buy Spirulina supplements in Canada, you don’t have to look further! You can choose from our list of 100% organic blue-green algae products.

So, what are the positive effects of Spirulina for your health? Read more on the many spirulina benefits you can achieve >>>

First, let’s talk about…

Nutrition Content of Spirulina

Blue Green Algae Spirulina are a rich source of essential amino acids and fatty acid, a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, an excellent source of antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, and many more. This is the reason why beneficial effects can be experienced with regular dietary supplement such as E3Live.

People with health conditions have reported an improvement with their general well-being. Some of the most popular feed backs are an increased in energy levels, aids in weight loss, and helps lower blood sugar levels just to mention a few. We will dig deeper on the more serious beneficial health claims whether they are true by looking into laboratory studies and evidence-based human studies.

Now, onto the exciting stuff… 

Anticancer Properties

risk of cancer

cancer cells

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*sidenote on medical advice

Strengthens Immune Function

powerful antioxidants

blue spirulina ( talk a little about blue majik)

spirulina powder

immune system function

antioxidant properties

*sidenote on allergic reactions

Lowers Risk For Developing Heart Disease

risk of heart disease

cardiovascular diseases

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antihypertensive effects

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blood pressure

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