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Radiation Testing

Radiation Testing          (please click thumbnail image above to download letter and results as PDF) Letter Text: March 6, 2018 Dear E3Live Family, E3Live takes a very proactive approach in the testing and monitoring of our products and environment, making certain that everything that we offer to our E3Live family is of the highest and purest quality. The amount of testing […]

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information AFA blue-green algae The discovery of this ancient strain of blue-green micro-algae Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) has led to a new super food that contains more protein and chlorophyll than any other food source. Primitive as algae may appear, most are highly efficient photo synthesizers, even more so than plants. Algae utilize light energy […]

AFA Purity

AFA Purity There are thousands of different algae species, our E3 products are from one single particular species of edible nutritional blue-green algae (Cyanophyta) calledAphanizomenon flos-aquae. This species has been eaten by people for thousands of years and has provided great benefits. In our current culture, this specific source of AFA harvested from Klamath Lake […]