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E3Live is our premium organic superfood. It is 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), a nutrient dense blue-green algae. This wild harvested and fresh-frozen superfood is the choice of world-renowned Living Foods experts. Enjoy its many benefits today!

Blue Majik! Blue Spirulina! Are they the same thing?

Since commencing our Blue Majik (Blue Spirulina) journey into Canada, the world has been inundated with literally 100’s of copy or fake “Blue’s”!

Most are origin of China and are not being tested by a credible lab in Canada.

Our testing of a host of copy products we have been horrified to learn of some of the ingredients found in these results. Such as Food Dye, Mercury, High Sugar levels, Low Protein levels and the list goes on.

So, when researching Blue Spirulina, please check the nutrition panel, ask for a Certificate of Analysis (CoA), possibly ask where their raw material is grown or whether their product is Certified Organic. We also recommend that you check out information on Blue Majik product features, the many benefits of Spirulina, customer reviews, buying guide, and more, so you get the best supplement that fit your health needs.

Hope this information helps with your research on the amazing “Blue”.

How E3 is Harvested

E3Live at Longevity Conference


What other people are saying about us...

“I use E3Live right before my early morning 15k runs to get my energy up. Its helped tremendously with my energy levels and warding off fatigue with my training sessions. It also keeps me in check for the day, reminding me to eat clean and stay focused.”

Andrea Cormie
– Personal Fitness Trainer/Model

“I wanted to thank you for making such an amazing product. I’ve been eating AFA of some sort for over 13 years and I’ve been eating 100% live foods now for the last 5 years. I thought I felt about as healthy as I was gonna get, until I started eating E3Live. I feel so light! Thanks!”

Doug Walsh

“E3Live has worked wonders for our shows. Constantly touring can really take its toll physically and mentally, and E3Live has helped us keep our focus and drive for our performances. It helps us deliver an energetic and powerful show each and every night. E3Live is the real deal!!!”

Tim Proznick
– Drummer for the Daniel Wesley Band

“E3Live has absolutely done wonders in my life. When I compete in international events, I now have the strength to paddle as hard as I can, which raises my level of performance. I’ve experienced a tremendous increase in my mental quickness since I added E3 to my training regimen. I feel 15 years-old again.”

Poncho Sullivan

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